I know we can all relate to this.

I’m just here to let you know that it is okay to treat yourself! It is okay to take it easy!

Give yourself a break. You are human. Eat the cupcake.

I love seeing memes I can relate to on social media. They are not only hilarious, they make you feel less alone in the world. It is comforting to know that there are people who share how you are feeling out there. Memes allow us all to laugh about.

I thought you and I both needed these hilarious memes. We take health and fitness very seriously and while that is fantastic, we can sometime become so caught up trying to fit that workout in that we stress ourselves out. We all know how serious I take my blog too, which is why I think we can all use a laugh. We all need to be reminded that we aren’t perfect and we should be proud of the effort we put in to our daily life responsibilities and our health.

After reading “The Language of Memes,” an article by Patrick Davison, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the shared piece of culture. Davidson explains why we love memes so much—they are relatable, shareable and reusable. Believe it or not, Memes have been around for a long time and have been making people laugh before you’ve seen them on Twitter. Memes seem to be simply a photo and caption, but hey are more than that. Davidson explains the three components that make up a meme—manifestation, ideal and behavior.

The manifestation is when the meme comes to life, so in this case it is the photo. The behavior is the action taken by an individual in service of the meme. In this case, it would be creating the meme and posting it online. The ideal dictates the behavior. In the memes I selected, the ideal would be the humor in procrastination and effort invested in health and fitness.

The great thing about memes is that they can be used in all subjects to address certain ideals and convey messages to the public. While some are promotional memes, others are simply there for people to laugh and feel more connected to others in this world—which is what I hope you felt after seeing these memes!

Stay tuned for very exciting new content, including new videos and special guests coming soon!


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Surprises for you coming soon!

Hello friends! I’m so thrilled to be back again with a glimpse into what I have been so busy working on. I am thrilled to be able to share it with all of you soon!

For those of you who don’t know, I am collaborating with three other fantastic health and fitness blogs—RU FitEat Sleep Fitness and My Turn With Curves to generate unique and exciting content for you.

I’m so happy to update you all on what we have been working on for our final project. We have many surprises in store for you but today I will only share two of our milestones that we have reached thus far.

First, we have been brainstorming and generating ideas for videos and podcasts we will be creating for you. Each of the members of our team have different areas of interests and expertise within health and fitness. By working together we can produce content that speaks to all of you. Not only does it benefit you, it inspires all of us and we are able to learn from each other.

We have been using and becoming more familiar with digital tools, such as image editing websites, iMovie, and screencasting software—so you can expect our videos to be better than ever!

Sneak Peak: There will be some tutorials on easy and fun steps you can take during your busy lives that will improve you health and make your body look better than ever for the summer!
We have also decided to promote NSPPAA after seeing the incredible work the organization does in our country in regard to health and fitness initiatives. We will soon share with you useful recourses and ways you can become more involved.

Along with this, you should also expect some guest posts in the near future!

Our next goals are to create our videos and publish all of our content for you.

Stay tuned for more!