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Helpful Sources // Related Content

Hey everyone! I wanted to share two helpful videos for those looking to stay healthy and fit in college.

This video discusses how to choose healthy options when eating in a school cafeteria. Health & Wellness coordinator Gwendolyn Francavillo has published a series of informational videos focusing on nutrition, weight, and staying in college. It is published on the website, Monkey See, where experts around the world share their knowledge about specific topics.

The second video is by “Sarah Fit,” a very popular fitness YouTuber & Healthy Living Blogger demonstrating a quick and simple workout for those who want to lose their love handles. Sarah uploads workout videos, healthy recipes and more on a regular basis. She is known to be helpful, accessible, and with over 212,000 subscribers, she is popular among many crowds–from experts to those just becoming interested in staying healthy and fit.  She has appeared in many notable publications for her easy-to-follow recipes and workouts and lifestyle advice.

Sarah successfully targets college students by using a dorm room workout routine. Her videos are created for those who do not have the time or resources to have full fledge gym workout. They can be easily followed in the comfort of your bedroom and do not require any expensive equipment. Her workouts allow all busy people to integrate a good workout into their packed schedule.

The actualizing citizen is one who has a high sense of individual purpose and low sense of government obligation, has mistrust for mass media and politicians, and “favors loose networks of community action” sustained usually through friendship, according to W. Lance Bennett. 

I think actualizing citizens are the intended audience of these videos. Both videos are targeted toward the individual and their person benefit, not on society or unity. It is targeted toward a younger audience, who are busy and focused on only their own obligations. These videos address personal values and use digital and social media to communicate and help the public form their own identity.


These are Non-Profit Organizations I would be interested in collaborating with or promoting:

  1. “The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA) is the leading coalition in the country for promoting physical activity and fitness initiatives through national policy.”
  1. “The Center for Science in the Public Interest has been providing advice and advocacy toward a healthier food system since its founding in 1971.”

Others sources: 1.Source 2. Source 


Get fit TODAY! Achievable Fitness Tips!

Along with nutrition tips, I wanted to share with you all convenient ways of getting exercise and building a stronger and healthier body.

I know all of you have busy lives and many responsibilities. Finding a time to workout can be a stress in itself. Whether the school gym is packed with frat guys, you have exams from morning to night, you cant afford gym classes or simply the thought of working out irks you–there is hope.

The benefits of working out has been proven. It makes you happier, more productive and more energized. So remember to get up from the library once in a while and refresh your body and mind. It will help you feel better, look better and think better.

These small steps wont effect your busy schedule, tight budget, or stress level. They will however, effect your health in a positive way and you may actually even enjoy it.

I share fitness advice in this video that will motivate you to achieve your goals and get you going!

Easy ways to eat healthy EVERYONE has time for!

Here are the essential nutrition tips to eating better and living a healthier lifestyle. The pieces of advice I share with you are realistic, affordable and convenient for college students or anyone who lives a busy life.

Sometimes the small things make the biggest difference. It is all about being consistent about your health–making a habit of it and fitting in into your daily routine.

I have provided you with ways I maintain healthy eating habits that don’t break the bank or disturb my study time. These are things everyone can do. You will start to feel better about your body in no time!




In this video, I show health and fitness websites similar to my blog and share my opinions of each one. By the end of the video, I hope you will all realize mine is clearly the best. I’m kidding, but in all seriousness, I try to offer a new approach to health and fitness blogging that differentiates from all that is out there.

But comparing other videos also has inspired me to improve my site. As a viewer, I able to see what is important in a blog–such as an organized and clear layout, regular updates, and entertaining and reliable information. It also allows me to see what my blog does well and what I should work to continue–such as a clear header, highly targeted posts, and allowing users to comment, share and provide feedback on posts.

The first blog I compared is The website is well designed and has interesting and relevant content. The blog is targeted specifically for college students or those living a busy life like mine is and is pleasing to the eye. There are nice visual to go along with recipes and workouts she posts. She encourages users to share and comment on all posts and she includes a tab for others to view these comments. I think this helps engage the public and connect them to to each other and to the creator of the blog.

My main criticism I have for this blog is the fact that it has not been updated in two years. Her last post was in May of 2015. Since the author does not post or update her blog on a regular basis, it is irrelevant today and not useful to students.

Fit bottomed girls is another health and fitness site that is extremely popular–with a good design and great content. This blog has reliable and relevant information from professionals and experts and unlike the last blog, content is updated and posted regularly. It is less of a blog and more of website, where people can submit their own tips and articles and the editor will decide if they are to be published.

The major issue with the site is that it is not highly specific in the audience it targets. There are article that are geared toward all types of women, which makes it too broad. It is not a place I would go as a student to get help or become inspired.

I learned a lot from making this video. I realized where my focus should be. I will work on making my blog one that is well designed, updated regularly, targeted toward my audience, with reliable information and inspiring content. 

Welcome podcast!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited for you to hear my first podcast. I wanted to simply welcome you all to my blog and tell you a little about myself and what I will post about. Despite the fact that I am not so technically savvy and I did run into a fair share of difficulties, I eventually was able to create a final product. Being sick and having a sore throat and raspy voice, did not help!

I do know how vital hearing something can be, rather than simply reading it. Podcasts can help explain something more efficiently. You can get a sense of my personality and who I am. It also takes much less energy to listen to something then to read it. This is simply an introduction, but in the future, when I post more complicated videos—such as quick 5 minute workouts, meditations, motivational words, or recipes—podcasts will be incredibly useful to all of you and to myself. Podcasts are very fun and helps create a connection more than a simple paragraph can. ultimate goal is to connect with my viewers and build a relationship! So I hope you enjoy.

To create this podcast, I used a free, creative-Commons-licensed song and imported it into GarageBand. I then altered the length and adjusted the volume of the song and the recorded script I wrote, explaining my blog and introducing myself. I then exported my introduction and uploaded it to SoundCloud, where i embedded the content for my WordPress.

The process of making this podcast was more complicated than I expected. Another issue turned up at practically every step. first, audio did not work at all and I could not record my voice, then I could not change the volume of the song and finally I wasn’t able to upload the podcast at all and it would quit each time before saving. After many tries, I thankfully was able to work around these problems to the best of my ability.

My favorite part was creating the script and describing my blog—it felt as if I was really speaking to you all! I gained a lot from the technical process. I had to manipulate the length of the audio and volume of the background music many times before it worked. Choosing a background song was another part of this process that was enjoyable and took surprisingly a long time. I wanted a rhythm that matched my theme—something that sounded relaxing but also upbeat, like you were at peace but also about to have a very productive day. It was a great feeling to find a beat that I thought fit that mood.

I hope my sore throat was not a distraction and that you found this podcast valuable and entertaining! I’m open to and would appreciated suggestions, comments, feedback, and advice!


Creating My Header

Creating my header was a longer process than I thought it would be. I used websites such as Flickr and Pixabay to browse photos that were public and free, and also fit my theme. Surprisingly, it took me a very long time to find photos that I liked, and also correlated with my topic, had good resolution, and could be formatted to the right size. I searched for a very long time and tried out many photos before finding the ones I chose. I searched for photos of produce, fruit, meditation, and exercise.

I chose a photo of berries in a heart-shaped bowl and a silhouette of a woman running because I thought they represented my topic of health and happiness for college women. I then used to edit the photos. I first edited the color, saturation and contrast of the images. I altered the brightness and the orientation to 90 degrees. I was going for a clean, straightforward look. I opened them as separate images and clicked the adjustments link to do this. I played around with the effects but did not end up choosing any. I think a natural look relates more to my audience and topic. After, I merged the photos together to fit the size of my WordPress header. I upload my header to make sure it fit correctly and looked aesthetically pleasing. I had to go back, edit, and resize a few times before getting it right.

My only criticism would be to blend the photos and the background colors more thoroughly. I think there is too much contrast between the deep yellow and the white of the two photos. But overall, I think the photos I chose make my WordPress look professional and pleasing. Since the photos are not extremely unusual, I may try to find images for other areas of the WordPress that focus more on one particular angle of my blog, such as college women. This will help instantly differentiate myself from the beginning. I will work to include photos that are more college oriented. Ultimately, the photos are clear and high quality, and my header accurately describes my site and gives off a fresh, simple and pleasant vibe to the viewer.