Featuring SURPRISE guest!

Hello Everyone! I previously announced that I will be featuring a special guest on Freshman No Fifteen as part of a collaborative campaign.

I am so excited to finally share a podcast by my partner and author of the fantastic health blog RU Fit, Austin Leibowitz, who shares the top five “faux pas” to avoid at the gym.

See for your yourself below!

Here are a few words from the author himself:

 “Hey what’s up guys! This is my final project here on RU Fit, and in this podcast, I’m going to discuss my top five biggest things to avoid when you’re going to the gym. Sometimes, hearing what you should avoid doing can be just as helpful as hearing tips about what you should be doing.
While we all make mistakes from time to time, these tips are meant to educate new gymgoers on some of the challenges they may face along the way, and some of the things they should actively work to avoid doing. If you are someone who is thinking about beginning to work on your fitness, these are challenges that you probably will come across at some point. Hopefully the tips discussed in this podcast will help you get over these bumps in the road on your path to fitness.
The “don’ts” listed in this podcast include not getting intimidated your first couple times at the gym, not getting discouraged from a lack of results, not overdoing your workouts, not neglecting your diet, and of course, the old favorite, not skipping leg day.
From my experience going to the gym and from hearing from others who have experience in fitness, these are some of the top things I came up with that can plague your path to fitness. I have had personal experience dealing with all of these challenges, so in this podcast you’ll hear me share my tips for how you can work to avoid each of these potential gain killers.
This podcast is also intended to raise awareness for the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA). Although we want everyone to get physically active and work on their fitness, it is also vital that people are made aware of the challenges they may run into along the way, and hear tips about how to face those challenges. Also be sure to check out the other sites I worked with along the way in promoting this organization, My Turns With CurvesFreshman No Fifteen, and Eat Sleep Fitness.”

I hope this post inspires you as just as it inspired me! A special thanks to my partner Austin of RU Fit for this incredibly helpful video. Check out his blog for more like it! Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more exciting content on the way.

Feel free to comment suggestions of who you would like to be featured next on Freshman No Fifteen! You may just get your wish 😉


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