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Hey everyone! I wanted to share two helpful videos for those looking to stay healthy and fit in college.

This video discusses how to choose healthy options when eating in a school cafeteria. Health & Wellness coordinator Gwendolyn Francavillo has published a series of informational videos focusing on nutrition, weight, and staying in college. It is published on the website, Monkey See, where experts around the world share their knowledge about specific topics.

The second video is by “Sarah Fit,” a very popular fitness YouTuber & Healthy Living Blogger demonstrating a quick and simple workout for those who want to lose their love handles. Sarah uploads workout videos, healthy recipes and more on a regular basis. She is known to be helpful, accessible, and with over 212,000 subscribers, she is popular among many crowds–from experts to those just becoming interested in staying healthy and fit.  She has appeared in many notable publications for her easy-to-follow recipes and workouts and lifestyle advice.

Sarah successfully targets college students by using a dorm room workout routine. Her videos are created for those who do not have the time or resources to have full fledge gym workout. They can be easily followed in the comfort of your bedroom and do not require any expensive equipment. Her workouts allow all busy people to integrate a good workout into their packed schedule.

The actualizing citizen is one who has a high sense of individual purpose and low sense of government obligation, has mistrust for mass media and politicians, and “favors loose networks of community action” sustained usually through friendship, according to W. Lance Bennett. 

I think actualizing citizens are the intended audience of these videos. Both videos are targeted toward the individual and their person benefit, not on society or unity. It is targeted toward a younger audience, who are busy and focused on only their own obligations. These videos address personal values and use digital and social media to communicate and help the public form their own identity.


These are Non-Profit Organizations I would be interested in collaborating with or promoting:

  1. “The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA) is the leading coalition in the country for promoting physical activity and fitness initiatives through national policy.”
  1. “The Center for Science in the Public Interest has been providing advice and advocacy toward a healthier food system since its founding in 1971.”

Others sources: 1.Source 2. Source 


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