In this video, I show health and fitness websites similar to my blog and share my opinions of each one. By the end of the video, I hope you will all realize mine is clearly the best. I’m kidding, but in all seriousness, I try to offer a new approach to health and fitness blogging that differentiates from all that is out there.

But comparing other videos also has inspired me to improve my site. As a viewer, I able to see what is important in a blog–such as an organized and clear layout, regular updates, and entertaining and reliable information. It also allows me to see what my blog does well and what I should work to continue–such as a clear header, highly targeted posts, and allowing users to comment, share and provide feedback on posts.

The first blog I compared is theslenderstudent.com. The website is well designed and has interesting and relevant content. The blog is targeted specifically for college students or those living a busy life like mine is and is pleasing to the eye. There are nice visual to go along with recipes and workouts she posts. She encourages users to share and comment on all posts and she includes a tab for others to view these comments. I think this helps engage the public and connect them to to each other and to the creator of the blog.

My main criticism I have for this blog is the fact that it has not been updated in two years. Her last post was in May of 2015. Since the author does not post or update her blog on a regular basis, it is irrelevant today and not useful to students.

Fit bottomed girls is another health and fitness site that is extremely popular–with a good design and great content. This blog has reliable and relevant information from professionals and experts and unlike the last blog, content is updated and posted regularly. It is less of a blog and more of website, where people can submit their own tips and articles and the editor will decide if they are to be published.

The major issue with the site is that it is not highly specific in the audience it targets. There are article that are geared toward all types of women, which makes it too broad. It is not a place I would go as a student to get help or become inspired.

I learned a lot from making this video. I realized where my focus should be. I will work on making my blog one that is well designed, updated regularly, targeted toward my audience, with reliable information and inspiring content. 


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