Welcome podcast!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited for you to hear my first podcast. I wanted to simply welcome you all to my blog and tell you a little about myself and what I will post about. Despite the fact that I am not so technically savvy and I did run into a fair share of difficulties, I eventually was able to create a final product. Being sick and having a sore throat and raspy voice, did not help!

I do know how vital hearing something can be, rather than simply reading it. Podcasts can help explain something more efficiently. You can get a sense of my personality and who I am. It also takes much less energy to listen to something then to read it. This is simply an introduction, but in the future, when I post more complicated videos—such as quick 5 minute workouts, meditations, motivational words, or recipes—podcasts will be incredibly useful to all of you and to myself. Podcasts are very fun and helps create a connection more than a simple paragraph can. And..my ultimate goal is to connect with my viewers and build a relationship! So I hope you enjoy.

To create this podcast, I used a free, creative-Commons-licensed song and imported it into GarageBand. I then altered the length and adjusted the volume of the song and the recorded script I wrote, explaining my blog and introducing myself. I then exported my introduction and uploaded it to SoundCloud, where i embedded the content for my WordPress.

The process of making this podcast was more complicated than I expected. Another issue turned up at practically every step. first, audio did not work at all and I could not record my voice, then I could not change the volume of the song and finally I wasn’t able to upload the podcast at all and it would quit each time before saving. After many tries, I thankfully was able to work around these problems to the best of my ability.

My favorite part was creating the script and describing my blog—it felt as if I was really speaking to you all! I gained a lot from the technical process. I had to manipulate the length of the audio and volume of the background music many times before it worked. Choosing a background song was another part of this process that was enjoyable and took surprisingly a long time. I wanted a rhythm that matched my theme—something that sounded relaxing but also upbeat, like you were at peace but also about to have a very productive day. It was a great feeling to find a beat that I thought fit that mood.

I hope my sore throat was not a distraction and that you found this podcast valuable and entertaining! I’m open to and would appreciated suggestions, comments, feedback, and advice!



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