Creating My Header

Creating my header was a longer process than I thought it would be. I used websites such as Flickr and Pixabay to browse photos that were public and free, and also fit my theme. Surprisingly, it took me a very long time to find photos that I liked, and also correlated with my topic, had good resolution, and could be formatted to the right size. I searched for a very long time and tried out many photos before finding the ones I chose. I searched for photos of produce, fruit, meditation, and exercise.

I chose a photo of berries in a heart-shaped bowl and a silhouette of a woman running because I thought they represented my topic of health and happiness for college women. I then used to edit the photos. I first edited the color, saturation and contrast of the images. I altered the brightness and the orientation to 90 degrees. I was going for a clean, straightforward look. I opened them as separate images and clicked the adjustments link to do this. I played around with the effects but did not end up choosing any. I think a natural look relates more to my audience and topic. After, I merged the photos together to fit the size of my WordPress header. I upload my header to make sure it fit correctly and looked aesthetically pleasing. I had to go back, edit, and resize a few times before getting it right.

My only criticism would be to blend the photos and the background colors more thoroughly. I think there is too much contrast between the deep yellow and the white of the two photos. But overall, I think the photos I chose make my WordPress look professional and pleasing. Since the photos are not extremely unusual, I may try to find images for other areas of the WordPress that focus more on one particular angle of my blog, such as college women. This will help instantly differentiate myself from the beginning. I will work to include photos that are more college oriented. Ultimately, the photos are clear and high quality, and my header accurately describes my site and gives off a fresh, simple and pleasant vibe to the viewer.


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